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About Us

Citizens for Adult Literacy and Learning (CALL) is a nonprofit organization in Amherst County, Virginia, whose aim is to help adults improve their quality of life by mastering basic reading, writing, and math skills. Since our inception in 1991, we have established ties with the Department of Social Services, the public library system, and the public schools, and have entered into collaboration with the Regional Adult Education Program, which offers evening classes in Amherst and surrounding counties.

According to current statistics, 14% of Amherst county residents lack basic literacy skills, which is higher than the state average of 12%. The unemployment rate for the county is also higher than the state average, while our average weekly wage is lower. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, unemployment rates and low wages are directly correlated to illiteracy: An adult without a high school diploma earns 44% less than an adult with a high school diploma, and high school dropouts have an unemployment rate 67% greater than that of graduates. Furthermore, advancement is usually based on educational attainment. All these factors may place the home in financial turmoil, and generally contribute to a lower quality of life.
CALL provides individual tutoring sessions for adults in Amherst County. Applicants are given an assessment and orientation before being placed with a tutor. The level of instruction offered ranges from beginning reading to GED preparation. Services are also provided for adults who have high school diplomas but who wish to improve their basic reading, writing, or math skills.

CALL is staffed entirely by volunteers, including trained tutors who provide individualized instruction, and a Board of Directors that has general oversight of the organization.

Tutoring sessions are arranged to suit students’ and tutors’ daytime schedules. At minimum, they meet weekly for one-hour sessions, but some meet more often, and a student may meet with more than one tutor each week, depending on his or her needs.

We are located in the Amherst Education Center, 219 Trojan Road, in Madison Heights.